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Wanna see what Marbling is all about? 

Join in a Zoom session for an introduction to Turkish Marbling led by Heidi.  Most sessions include 30 minutes of Q&A at the end.  Stay tuned for more free learning topics!

Ready to dive in?  You'll need a Serious Beginner's Marbling Kit.  It comes with complete written instructions.  Hundreds of folks have been learning the Marbling Supplies process from this 19-page manual since the kit's introduction in 2012.

If you want the live visual demonstrations; comradery, and social fun of learning with a group from a seasoned instructor, sign up for any of these beginning level classes:

Intro to the Marbling Supplies Process - Part I Preparation (one hour)

Intro to the Marbling Supplies Process - Part II Marbling Day (2.5 hours)

You'll soon be marbling like a pro!  When you're ready to further develop your skills, choose from these advanced level classes

Experimenting with Paper

Improving Technnique

All About Color

Advanced Patterns

Advanced Tools

Marbling on 3D objects

Trouble Shooting

You can also schedule private lessons with Heidi at any point during your learning. Private instruction allows you complete control over the content of your lessons.  You study what you want/need to and move at your own pace.  Heidi provides friendly guidance, working directly to address your personal needs via Zoom or face-to-face in the Petoskey, Michigan USA studio.

A word about the Marbling Supplies Process..


1.  Choose Online (link here) for ZOOM instruction from anywhere in the world.

2.  Choose In-Person (link here) if you want to learn alongside Heidi at the Petoskey, Michigan studio.

Both online and in-person formats offer classes, private one-on-one instruction, and private events for your special group. 

More in-person opportunities appear on the list below.  These are classes and demonstrations at various locations in Northern Michigan and beyond.  These events are scheduled by other entities who handle their own registration.

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