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The Serious Beginner's Marbling Kit

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Reviews from our Etsy store..

"I’m so happy with this kit, every component is of the highest quality and the accompanying manual shows that Heidi has really thought through every step of the marbling process, including lots of handy tips for the serious beginner! The hand-blended paints are beautiful, the tools are well-made, the paper is luxe. You will get great results with this kit, it’s really worth the investment."

- Alice, May 2020

The Serious Beginner's Marbling Kit 

Generous and complete, The Serious Beginner's Marbling Kit allows anyone to create breathtakingly intricate and colorful marbled papers with no prior artistic experience.  Learn the Marbling Supplies process using artist-quality materials including hand-crafted wooden tools and custom-blended marbling paint. 

The contents are the same products, tried and true, that are used in the Marbling Supplies Studio for production and teaching.  Extremely high-quality; each item included is re-usable and/or may be re-ordered. Kit contains:


  • 19-page Instruction manual

  • plastic marbling tray 11 x 14 inches

  • ½ lb. powdered carrageenan

  • ½ lb crystalline marbling alum

  • 2.5 fl. oz. ox gall

  • six jars marbling paint 3 fl. oz. each of red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and violet

  • 6 oz. plastic broom straw brush kit

  • standard comb 11 inches

  • standard rake 14 inches

  • double rake 11 inches

  • 2 stir sticks

  • 25 sheets marbling paper 9.5 x 12.5 inches

  • newspaper strips

  • sponge

•    Children, with adult guidance, can easily create equally beautiful marbled papers and delight in doing so. 

•    The 19-page step-by-step instruction manual is written by Heidi and outlines the Marbling Supplies process.   With your purchase, you receive "tech support" through message, email, or phone with Heidi.


•    An electric high-speed blender is necessary for use of this kit, along with a few other household items like jars for paint, newspaper, rags, etc.

•    Please note that processing time can take up to two weeks, but the majority of kits are shipped in less than a week's time.  Just drop a note if you need to know how soon yours will be ready for shipment. 


 All materials are North American and European-made.  The kit is assembled by hand in the Marbling Supplies Northern Michigan studio, USA. Choose your own shipping method.  The resulting cost is determined by your location and distance from Northern Michigan. The kit, packed and ready for shipping, weighs 8 pounds.  Non-USA locations ship via your choice between USPS Priority Mail International or USPS Priority Mail Express International with delivery taking as long as 6-8 weeks (non-express); but usually within 2 weeks.  Occasionally there are delays associated with shipping internationally.






                                   Heidi says, "Marbling is my passion.  Nothing makes me happier than to share it with others."


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