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I'm excited to share marbling with you!  Whether you're an established artist or a giddy beginner, you've come to the right place.

Marbling is found throughout history in different parts of the world. I practice and teach Turkish Marbling, also known as Ebru. As a painter, I am inspired and captivated by the endless patterns and color combinations.​ During work on a graduate degree in painting in 2008, I discovered marbling at an outdoor craft fair and have not stopped marbling since.


While learning, I discovered very quickly the difficulty in finding quality supplies in reasonably small quantities.  Marbling Supplies was born in 2010.

Marbling on paper and fabric is easy when you have the right supplies and the right instructor. 


I invite you to learn!

A Message From Heidi

Upcoming Events

Marbling Stint with Anna - June 037 - Co

An Introduction to Marbling on Paper and The Serious Beginner’s Marbling Kit

Free Learning

Mondays 1:00 - 1:30 p.m.

Recurring most weeks

at this time.

Live on ZOOM with Heidi

Q&A to follow.

What is Turkish Marbling?  Find out!  The Serious Beginner’s Marbling Kit allows anyone to create intricate and colorful marbled papers with no artistic experience necessary.  Heidi teaches the Marbling Supplies process with this kit using a complete and “closed” system, giving you a strong start.

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